"The morning after the first night we spent together, I came home and told my roommate, 'He asked me to have kids with him.' She was horrified." - Emily Likins


Having kids. there are a lot of ways to do it -- or not do it. But how do you find out what you really want? 

This episode features two pretty opposite perspectives. First, you'll hear from Adam Ehlers and Emily Likins about deciding to have a baby one month after their first date. Then, you'll hear from Bria Sullivan, an egg donor. Finally, we'll leave you with a tip about how to decide if you want kids or not. If you're anything like me, you probably need a little help. 

Music from Nangdo, Bogdan, Lobo Loco, and Monopole. Theme music by Emmet Ore. Thanks to my family for help with the background research.