"I was so insecure about my curly hair, I had my mom straighten it. And the funniest part about that is...my afro is what got me famous."

Photo by Michael Weintrob.

Photo by Michael Weintrob.

Hey, stranger. 

You know that moment when you run into someone you know -- or maybe just used to know? Or maybe just kinda know? The strange can feel so familiar in this situation, or maybe the familiar is strange. Either way.  

My recent travels in San Diego caused me to reunite with an old friend, Andy Frasco. He's a well-known musician who I met when we were both three years younger. I was living in Missoula; he was traveling through. Now, we're both kind of doing that travel around, follow your dreams thang, but of course, he's the veteran and I'm the novice. 

Andy's advice? figure out what it is that you love, then don't give up. I recommend you hear him tell it, though.

Music by Andy Frasco and the U.N.