Season 2, Episode 3: If It's Meant to Be...

Tinder, individualism, & looking to the future: the confusing world of millennial dating. Mariah goes on Tinder dates, talks to a seasoned millennial dater, and asks a handful of millennials what they are looking for.

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Audio Diary - What We Have Left

America, we have hope for the future, but it's in human conversation & story, not in political rhetoric. Please continue to talk to each other and support those who speak out. We're in this together.

A quick follow up to the latest podcast episode in light of the 2016 election results. 


Episode 4: The Mattress

Another update following the experiences of Mariah Ore, a 25-year-old Montana girl, and pretty much your quintessential millennial looking for meaning. It's a story about making it work, about making decisions...and about a mattress. 

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Episode 3: Mark

In 2011, "Mark" turned 21. Then he found out his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. Then he got arrested and charged with felony drug trafficking, felony possession with intent, and felony distribution. So, what's it like to spend 8 months in prison? 

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Episode 2: The Nature of Distance

Ceramicist Katie Coughlin talks about the sacrifices she made to prioritize her creative work, why she created a website listing jobs for artists in New York City, and that one time she made & sewed together 1200 porcelain beads. 

Episode 1: Choices

PILOT. Producer & MSM founder Mariah Ore describes the events leading up to her departure from a "normal" life & career trajectory -- a familiar story of disillusionment & choices. Also, she talks about why being a millennial & idealist is actually awesome.